About me...

My web name "Graphic Girl" has been me since I came to Washington, DC for several years ago. I am originally from Japan. I was born and grew up in one of the biggest (and noisiest) cities, Osaka. For people here who can't imagine how Osaka is like, I always say "It's a Japanese version of New York City." For better or for worse, whenever I visit New York, it really reminds me of Osaka. These cities don't sleep, always make you busy, everybody can be strangers but don't make me feel isolated. I almost decided to move in Manhattan 2 years ago, but for some reasons I chose to come back to Washington, DC where is the first city I had lived in the States.

I edit and make images for the Web. I learned computer graphics while I was in college. (My major was graphic design.) This is no longer new field, but we would never be able to catch up the latest technology. By the time you know something "new," it is actually a history already. I have always been busy learning "new" software and hardware. I am overwhelmed with all information I read or see everyday.

It is interesting to me that the fact I am repainting on dolls now. I never imagined that I would be doing it - at least after grew up. I was dreaming about becoming an illustrator up to 7 or 8 years old. After that, I forgot how much I like to draw because my real life went to a very different way. (I was teaching conversational English to kids in Japan... believe it or not.)

And now here I am...

I guess this is enough for the introduction. I will write occasionally in "Just Some Thoughts" when I feel like writing or when I have some announcements.



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