~ Just Some Thoughts ~ August - Sptember 2001

September 29 , 01

I am switching my domain name from "fancy-guppies" to "graphic-girl." I don't know why I didn't do this years ago - I have had several sites and owned domains, but not my name (handle)... strange! I will be running two domains for this page for a month, then "guppy" will be gone... (well, I bet someone will take this soon). My new domain, "www.graphic-girl.com" is already up, so you can make a new bookmark. This site needs a new color again since summer is gone... Too fast!!

September 16 , 01

The sky is high now - It looks that the summer is over already. I missed a summer vacation this year, so I feel as if I had been locked up in my room. But I made a lot of accomplishments here although I couldn't repaint many dolls. I have spent lots of times to take photos of my dolls recently because I am more comfortable with my digital camera. It took for a couple of months until the camera became "my tool."

I just noticed that I haven't updated my home page more than a month! I can't believe that the days passed by so quickly.

August 28, 01

I honestly don't know which fashion doll(s) I like the most. I want to buy variety kind of dolls, but some dolls don't fit other dolls' outfit... This discourages me to buy other dolls. I don't like "so-so fit" looking. I always want the dolls look "perfect" in outfits I buy. There are many designs I like in the market that I don't buy because of this simple reason. Maybe I have more dolls than their outfits. In fact, most of my dolls are nude in their boxes. This doesn't mean that they were purchased for repainting... My poor girls... but you won't get stained at least.

August 21, 01

There are many Barbies in my room. I didn't meant to collect them, but the number of my Barbie has not become smaller despite I sold nearly half of my collection last year. My room is very small... and the problem is that I might have to move, and the new place has SMALLER space for me to use my dolls. I like my apartment, but I can't live here forever... Are there any doll collectors who spend extra money to keep all their collections?

As you can imagine, I have many 16" dolls too. And now I am VERY interested in Cissy...! She is REALLY big! How could I manage my space for my lovely dolls? My room has become like a warehouse. I want a doll display room like a museum... It would be so nice to repaint in the middle of such a clean gorgeous room... My daydream.

August 9, 01

Working online tends to make a time schedule-less in personal life. I work and sleep without knowing what time it is. I eat when I am dizzy... Without doing exercise, I lose my weight. It is scary!

By the way, I made the background pattern of this home page and meant "bubbles" if you don't know what they are... (yes, I was trying to make a unity in this home page with a "water color" except my gallery pages). My boyfriend said, "I like the background, it's a very nice money texture." Oh well...

August 3, 01

I wonder how many people will read this page... Anyway, I just finished my update of this site. I hope my graphics aren't too heavy to wait downloading. This time, I chose not to put many directory graphics (like "home icons" or each title of the page), and there is the only one spot I added Java Script (which is my repaint image in the home page). I like to play with graphics, but they tend to make the pages "heavy"...

My repaints will be up on The-Repaint-Gallery during this August. It was really exciting to make images for The Gallery because it was a totally new creation with my repainted dolls. Thanks to Viktoria (La Paz), I could complete and submitted my images. I would love to hear what you think about my images...


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