~ Just Some Thoughts ~ October 2001

November 09 , 01

It was exactly a month ago when I updated this page. Working, working, working - no break. I'm mostly in my computer room, and do other things at the same time. The kitchen is just on my right side - I can check the stove while watching TV! There is a sofa on my left side - I can slide my body from my computer chair with no step... I hardly need to walk in my room!

But I walk to the post office when I have packages to ship. It's a nice short walk distance. Everybody at the post office says "Here she is" when I get there because I go there very often. In this computer age, more than 90% of my communications are done through online. But when it comes to actual item transportation, I must rely on other services.

I am sorting my doll related items. There are several huge boxes filled with "odds and ends stuff" that I have to dig out. I doubt I can finish all the boxes by the end of this year.

October 09 , 01

Another month passed already, and the air is chilly here in DC. Currently there are 2 images up in The-Repaint-Gallery.Com: 1 Brenda Starr repaint, 1 Tyler repaint. I like Brenda Starr doll... I think her face sculpting is beautiful. I hope that more people find her beauty and share her charm so that we can enjoy more variety dolls.


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